DreamKick Taekwondo empower students to develop a positive character, attitude and indomitable spirit that will lead to be stronger body, mind, spirit to face challenges and taking responsibility in their future life. We are committed to providing our students with the high quality instructions and creating enjoyable, productive learning environments. Our Masters have authentic skills and the ability to teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. We promise to instruct students the spirit and courtesy of Taekwondo with enthusiasm and sincerity.


Grand Master Jang believes that the basics are the most important. The strong foundations, good values, daily habits can change the life. Students will be able to win any kind of challenge in their life with DreamKick Taekwondo.

45+ years Taekwondo Experience

35+ years Teaching Experience

Kukkiwon 8th Dan Degree Black Belt (#01541938)

World Taekwondo Pan America Referee Vice Chair(2018~Present)

USA Taekwondo Referee Vice Chair (2015~ 2018)

U.S. Army Fort Bliss(MWR) Texas, Martial Art Head Instructor (2006~2016)

Texas State Taekwondo Referee Chair (2010~2015)

2018 World Taekwondo 3 Major Championship - USA Representative Referee

(Grand Prix- Italy, Grand Slam-China, World Poomsae-Taipei)

Kukkiwon Black Belt Promotion Examiner (#2019025)

Kukkiwon International Certified Instructor (#2615008)

USA Certified Referee Seminar Instructor

World Taekwondo Referee Seminar Assistant Instructor

World Taekwondo Federation International Poomsae Referee (#011-0061)

World Taekwondo Federation International Sparring Referee (#043-0015)

World Taekwondo Federation International Poomsae Coach (#USA-7599)

International Coaching Career 


Citation from the World Taekwondo Federation

Letter of Commendation from Kukkiwon

Letter of Commendation from USA Taekwondo Federation

United States Presidential Sports Award 1998

Best Referee Award-

US Open, US National Competition, National Collegiate association.

California State Competition, Texas State Competition, Kim UnYong Cup



Jasmine Jang 

25 + years  Taekwondo Experience/ 15+ years Teaching Experience

5th Dan Degree Black Belt

2006-2008 Texas State Competition Sparring Gold Medalist 

2006-2008 Texas State Competition Poomsae Gold Medalist 

2003-2005 California State Competition Sparring Gold Medalist

2003-2005 California State Competition Poomsae Gold Medalist


Rosa Lee 

3th Dan Degree Black Belt

World Taekwondo PATU Certified International Coach

USA National Certified Sparring Referee

USA National Certified Poomsae Referee

Korea Jumping rope Certified instructor

International Certified Yoga Instructor

International Certified Pilates Instructor