EJ Smith

I began training with Grand Master Jang in 1995 as a high school freshman. His training, coaching, and mentorship led to me receiving my 3rd degree black belt, multiple state championships, Pan American Championship, and being ranked nationally in the junior division. It was these accomplishments that made me competitive to receive a full ROTC scholarship to Santa Clara University. The values he instilled in me have carried with me throughout my career as an Army Officer. I owe much of my personal values and my professional success to Soon Min Jang.  Grand Master Jang is a gifted teacher, an extraordinary martial artist, and has the unique ability to bring the full potential out in all of his students. For the nearly 25 years that I have known Master Jang, he still inspires me to continue my journey of learning and developing myself as a martial artist


Alex Siliezar

Sharing our beloved sport with Master Soon Min Jang has been an enriching experience. With his guidance and knowledge, we have expanded our vision about many technical aspects in Taekwondo and have grown in all areas of our martial art, but more enriching has been to share with a professional person, integral, dedicated and committed not only with his work, but with each person who has been under his tutelage. Thank you very much for your support.


Joanne Ferguson

To any and all students that are getting ready to take class from Master Jang, allow this letter to let you know how I felt taking class from him. This letter speaks freely from my heart and soul. After turning almost 50 I had this urge to study martial arts, I loved the discipline of the art, the spiritual and all over teachings that I was searching for. I did my homework and found Master Jang teaching in Salinas, Ca. My life changed from there forward, he taught the art with love and discipline, helped me understand what TaeKwonDo meant and the skills and classes coming together to help one another. I stayed in class till I earned my 2nd degree Black Belt, and at an older part of my life too. Master Jang kept my attention to keep learning and growing. I attended tournaments and worked very hard and then it “happened” I took gold in poomsae, at one of the tournaments WOW!!! what a feeling. I will always keep this beautiful art and teachings in my heart and will always stay in touch with this wonderful teacher and friend. Stay focused and do not give up and stay in your classes and be like a sponge, take it all in, his teachings are remarkable.


Raj Thakur

Tremendous martial arts school!  Professional instructors who have worked in the martial arts field for their entire lives and understand how to teach each individual to reach his or her highest level possible. With Instructors expert and careful guidance I have seen my son learn not only Tae Kwon Do but also important life skills: discipline, focus and respect. All instructors teaches with a combination of great skill, caring kindness, deep knowledge, and unparalleled experience. My son has progressed dramatically and also evolved into disciplined young man with solid values, all in addition to having great fun. Great fun working out and watching the progress children make. I highly recommend to this school!


Michael & Jenny Chen

There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Their approach is clear and comprehensive.  All of the instructors have genuine interest on the students and They are supportive, professional and courteous!!!  My daughter really loves what she learned!  In a very short time, she has gained a lot more confidence in her physical abilities and has much more balance which will help in all her sports. We have noticed a huge change in  her attitude towards herself and others as well! There is nothing we have been more dedicated to than this school.