Every year our team member will attend many different competition starting with local events progressing to State, US National Championship, US Open, Pan American Championship including the Junior Olympic qualifications and ultimately World taekwondo Championship. Grand Master Jang provide a very powerful physical and psychological Taekwondo training with a unique and scientific workout plan. We will build to have confidence teamwork and interact with the world's top athletes by visiting all around the world


Students are required to have an eagerness to work hard and an openness to learning. The training will push the student to the peak of their physical ability and is only meant for those who are serious about their growth as a world best Taekwondo poomsae athlete.


This team is geared towards students who want to excel in Olympic Style sparring. The training is both mentally and physically exhausting and each student will be pushed to the limit. The goal for each member is to qualify and to compete at the US Nationals.


This team’s main purpose is to demonstrate the beauty of Taekwondo through extreme technique kicks,board breaking, musical forms, and gymnastic performance. The team performs every year at local events and attend world taekwondo competition


We commit ourselves to sharing profits for charitable purpose of disabled children in our society with our para program. The PARA games and athletes are fast growing and very comperative through the World


Through Dreamkick Taekwondo, We hope that our students to grow and become great leaders for our next generations to build better society and the world. This program is for a future leader at individual’s field with strong leadership and right character. The students are encouraged to set goals and practice hard to achieve them. Through this process students find true value of their sweat which is a result of their hard work. Team receives special training on teaching techniques as well as additional TaeKwonDo instruction. They also learn social and professional skills at an early age. The team is made up of students who excel in Tae Kwon Do and stand out as leaders among their classmates. Jr. Leaders are given the opportunity to learn responsibility and gain leadership skills. Using these invaluable tools, the students not only help contribute to the success of the school, but also become a positive force in their community. 

Requirement : Red belt, 10y higher, Assistant teaching under the supervision of an instructor Attendance : regular Semina with special expert (time management, organization, communication skill, drug party awareness, SNS and game control)


We are also very proud of providing Taekwondo expert and professional program for our students. Through the systematic education, Students will be able to obtain the skills of highest level of taekwondo. This is recommended to teenagers and adults who would like to be a US national & international referee, a coach and a professional instructor. We care about every student’s needs and issues. Through the systematic education, Student will be the best Taekwondo expert and professional.

Requirement *Referee - 1 dan black belt and 16 years old higher *Coach and Instructor - 3 dan black belt and 16years old higher